TAB Aqualess PzRM Batteries use Cell Design with proven PzS technology using tubular plates in combination with an adjusted charging regime results in extended watering intervals.

TAB PzRM cells are manufactured and tested accordingto EN60254-1 and IEC254-1.

Main advantages:

  • Water refill interval is efficiently prolonged
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Low maintenance and reduced operational costs
  • Reduced charging factor
  • 50 to 80% reduced gas release
  • And ventilation requirements
  • 20 to 30% less charging time
  • Cost saving due to lower energy consumption from 10-20%
  • Reduced operating temperatures

TAB Aqualess PzRM Batteries Specifications:

  • Water refilling interval up to 13 weeks (at normal duty applications with 80% DOD C5, 1 cycle per day; 5 days per week, Electrolyte T=30°C)
  • For these batteries proper chargers must be used
  • Cells are equipped with Electrolyte Mixing system (using charger with integrated air)
  • Batteries are assembled with Central Water Filling system
  • Each battery has an Electrolyte Level Sensor (length according manufacturer specifications).
  • With its red light it gives signal to the user when water refilling is needed.