Lead-acid batteries are widely used in the industry due to their reliability, long service life, and affordability. These batteries find applications in various fields and are indispensable for many industrial needs. Here are the main subcategories of lead-acid batteries we offer:

Traction Batteries

Traction batteries are designed for applications requiring high power and long-lasting performance. They are ideal for electric vehicles, such as forklifts, pallet trucks, and other industrial machinery. These batteries provide reliable and long-term power, while withstanding harsh working conditions and intensive discharge and charge cycles.

Traction Monobloc Batteries

Traction monobloc batteries combine the convenience of a compact design with the power of traditional traction batteries. They are perfect for smaller electric vehicles and equipment where space is limited. These batteries are easy to install and maintain, while providing excellent performance and long service life.

Starter Batteries

Starter batteries are created for quick and powerful engine starts. They are ideal for cars, trucks, tractors, and other transportation vehicles. These batteries provide high current impulses needed for engine starting and are durable against vibrations and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable operation in all conditions.

Stationary Batteries

Stationary batteries are designed for applications where continuous power supply is critical. They are used in emergency power systems, telecommunications systems, UPS devices, and other stationary applications. These batteries provide long life and high reliability, ensuring uninterrupted power even during main power grid outages.

Our lead-acid batteries are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability to meet the needs of modern industry. Whether you are looking for batteries for heavy equipment, transportation vehicles, or stationary applications, we have the solution for you.