The company has its own base for recycling and repairing motive power and stationary batteries, equipped with the necessary specialized equipment. The repaired or recycled motive power and stationary battery are being tested with cutting edge professional equipment. Specialists of many years of experience work for them that know in detail each battery element and would make the most suitable decision in view of the particular issue.

Recycling decommissioned batteries restores battery’s effectiveness and results in extending its useful life. When it comes to recycling batteries, the materials they are made of could be reused and this guarantees unlimited resource for the future production processes.



Operations that we perform:


-    Diagnostics of batteries
-    Check of each cell’s voltage
-    Measurement of the acidity level in order to define the electrolyte level
-    Batteries’ charge/discharge
-    Testing batteries’ capacity
-    Recycling the decommissioned batteries
-    Desulfation of batteries
-    Output control

The average diagnostics and repairs duration for the battery is between 2 and 4 days.

In the case you have difficulties making an inquiry and placing an order or should you have any technical questions about the type of battery and charger device most suitable to your business, our team would be happy to consult and advise you on the decision-making process.