TAB Motion GEL is a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery  which consists of Ca grid plates in special alloy with gel electrolyte. Casing is made of reinforced PP material. All this makes the battery reliable, maintenance-free all-rounder.


  • Completely maintenance free - install and forget
  • Very low selfdischarge rate
  • Electrolyte is kept immobilized in GEL (prevents stratification of electrolyte, protected against spilling)
  • Self-discharge less than 2 % a month which means less difficulties during transport and storage, depends on temperature
  • No corrosive exhaust (applicable for food industry and pharmacy)
  • Robust design, stroke and vibration resistant

Voltage charging:

  • Cyclic application: 14,30 – 14,50 V
  • Stationary application: 13,40 – 13,70 V
  • Temperature compensation 30 mV/°C

Current charging:

  • Maximum current is 30 % capacity C20 (e.g. C20 = 100Ah, Imax = 1,5A)


  • Caravans and mobile home
  • Boats
  • Cleaning machines
  • Electrical vehicles
  • Solar systems
  • UPS systems

Number of cycles: 700 (IEC 60254-1)