We assemble individual cells (2V) into batteries with different voltages, capacities and dimensions which suite to all types of electrical machines.Wide production program covers the range of DIN (EPzS) cells according to EN60254 – 1,2 and IEC 254 – 1,2.

Traction batteries TAB of type EPzS are appropriated for propulsion of different electrical machines (forklifts, mine locomotives, etc.)

Electrolyte density by 30 °C: 1,29 ± 0,01 kg/l.
Weight tolerance is ± 5 %.
Cells from 7 to 10 EPzS types are available with 2 poles.
For 4 poles, please specify with your order.
All 12 EPzS and 10 Pg/555 and 10 Pg/590 cells are
available with 4 poles only.