How to safely charge and use the traction battery?
How to safely charge and use the traction battery?

How to safely charge and use the traction battery?


In addition to organizing a suitable area for charging the batteries, you should always keep in mind the following:

• Smoking in the charging area is not only forbidden but also dangerous.

• Wearing metal jewelry poses a risk of short circuit when servicing batteries.

• The batteries are heavy and should only be moved with appropriate equipment.

• Wearing protective equipment is mandatory. These include goggles or face mask, gloves, apron.

• The brake of the machine must be applied before charging, removing or installing the battery.

• Check the battery passport for the maximum current you can charge the batteries with. Exceeding it can lead to overheating or more serious consequences if the battery is without vents.

• If the battery becomes too hot or electrolyte leaks from the vents, unplug the charger immediately. After the battery has cooled down, you can resume the charging process at a lower mode.

• Recycle or follow local procedures for disposing of batteries after thier useful life is over, as they contain harmful substances and should not be disposed of with normal waste.

• It is good practice to keep a log of water replenishment, cleaning, inspections and other battery maintenance.

Adherence to the above recommendations is only one part of the first-class maintenance of your traction battery, which you receive together with the "Subscription service" by "Industrial Batteries" Ltd. We make sure that your traction batteries are always in top shape so that your business can function without unforeseen and costly interruptions.

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