Volthor EFB Stop&Go

Volthor EFB Stop & Go batteries are so called Enhanced Flooded Batteries intended for use in vehicles with entry level Start-Stop function. EFB batteries utilize the latest innovations in Ca/Ca flooded battery manufacturing technology, providing for the superior reliable power as demanded by the latest generation of cars with entry level Start-Stop system.

  • MFW fleece on positive plates, preventing active material shedding boast twice as much cyclic capability as standard batteries and can be more discharged without any loss of functionality
  • Improved charge acceptance for recovering energy more quickly during driving phase using special expander with carbon
  • The expanded metal technology results in better corrosion resistance providing a longer life time
  • Sealed cover construction, roll over proof
  • Maintenance free
  • The level indicator (magic eye) provides an instant status check
  • Explosion protection with flame arrestor