5 tips for traction battery maintenance
5 tips for traction battery maintenance

5 tips for traction battery maintenance


Every business strives to keep its lifting and transport equipment in good technical shape so that it is as efficient as possible and to avoid unforeseen financial losses. An extremely important part of the maintenance of the machines is the care of their traction battery, which has to work in harsh conditions for years.

Based on over 20 years of experience in the production and maintenance of batteries, we offer you 5 tips for good care of your traction battery.

Charge correctly

It is certainly most convenient to charge the battery when it is not in use or you have the opportunity, but to ensure the long life of your traction battery, it must be charged at a certain time and to a certain capacity. It is recommended to charge when the charge falls below 30%, after which it should be fully charged and charging should stop. Recharging or undercharging this type of battery can significantly reduce their life. Therefore, it is not a good idea to interrupt the charge cycle.


Equalize the cells regularly

Submerged or so-called "wet cells" must be leveled regularly. This process reverses the chemical layering as the acid in the battery becomes more concentrated at the bottom of the battery. When acid and water separate into layers, the battery can no longer hold a charge as well.

The leveling rebalances the electrolyte concentration and helps remove sulfate crystals from the plates. Alignment can only be performed with a charger that has such a function. Many batteries need to equalize about 5-10 cycles of charge, and this should be reflected in the battery specification.

Check fluid levels

Traction batteries need the right amount of water to operate at their optimum capacity. On about 5 charging cycles, the liquids should be checked by opening the battery. It is enough to examine 2-3 cells to verify that the fluid level covers the elements. If a low level is found, water must be added.

Maintain water levels

If the levels are not suitable, liquid must be added to the battery. This takes about 10 charge cycles if the battery is new. Overcrowding is also not recommended because additional expansion space is needed when the battery is in use. There are also batteries that are maintenance-free and do not require recharging.

Topping up is always done after full charging. It is important to use suitable water with a pH index between 5 and 7 certain purity indicators.

Keep batteries in the proper temperature range

Although trucks are used in extreme working environments and often outdoors, it is important to take the ambient temperature into account during operation. The battery must be maintained in a safe temperature range at which the temperature does not exceed 45 ℃. If this is not possible, it is important to ensure high air circulation in and around the battery compartment for optimal cooling.

If the maintenance of your traction battery seems complicated, time-consuming or you do not have qualified workers to perform it, you can rely on the service "Subscription support" of "Industrial Batteries" Ltd. This will protect your investment over time and at the same time you will always be confident that any problem will be solved quickly and professionally.

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