Maintenance free TAB Gel batteries are
new high sophisticated traction batteries in
the family of TAB motive power products.

Sealed TAB Gel batteries are produced in VRGLA
Gel technology (Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries
with electrolyte in the form of gel) according
to EN 60254-2 standard.

They can be used in all kind of electrical appliances like:
forklift trucks, electric road machines, cleaning machines, etc.

Due to its high operational safety and high degree of
enviromental frendliness TAB Gel battery is particularly
suitable for applications in pharmaceutical, food, chemical
and similar industries.

Main characteristics:

  • Maintenance free
  • Incorporated valves in exhaust tubes prevent corrosive gas release
  • Extremely low self-discharge
  • Extremely low gassing during operation
  • Maintenance errors are minimised
  • Mo electrolyte leakage in case of cell damage
  • No contamination or corrosion due to leaking electrolyte